Why does a public library need to raise money through private donations?
Each year, Manchester taxpayers generously vote to support their library, however this appropriation provides less than half of our day-to-day operating expenses. We receive no funding from the State. We must raise significant funds every year to bridge the financial gap between taxpayer funding and our operating costs.

Please invest in your public library by making a generous gift to the Annual Fund. With your help we can continue to serve as a vibrant community center providing unique and important services, crucial for the education, enjoyment, and enrichment of community members regardless of their age, economic circumstances, or educational level.

The Library’s Annual Fund must raise $100,000 every year to help pay for the day-to-day expenses. We need your help — please make a gift today! Donate Online»


Library volunteers contribute their unique talents, skills and knowledge to staff and patrons, helping to connect people and build community. Volunteers take on tasks that complement and assist paid staff. They can be of any age, depending on the needs of the Library and the abilities and skills of the volunteer. The suggested minimum age for young people working independently in the Library is 12 years old.

Before beginning his or her service, the volunteer fills out an application and is interviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator and accepted into the program. References are checked.

Volunteers are assigned specific tasks from a list of volunteer opportunities including: “Adopt-A-Shelf,” Baker, Book Express Service, Book Sale Volunteer, Clerical Support, Fundraising Committee, Magazine Collection Organization, Poster Distribution, Program Assistant, etc.

We Need Your Help!

Whatever your talent or interest, we can find something for you! If you would like to serve your community by volunteering your time at the Library, contact Volunteer Coordinator Sharron Kropa at or 802-549-4589.