Meet the Staff

All of our staff can be emailed at (first initial)(last name)

Jennifer Amatruto, Facilities & Operations Manager | (802) 549-4581

The MCL’s “jill of all trades,” Jennifer manages a variety of tasks related to the operational aspects of running the library. Whether investigating a complex HVAC issue, hiring a plumber, ordering supplies, reconciling bills, organizing storage space, or shipping out interlibrary loans, Jennifer’s days are never the same. Early in her career, Jennifer worked at Macy’s Herald Square in the Operations and Cash Control departments. When she and her husband moved to Vermont, they ran a motel for sixteen years. These experiences provided excellent preparation for her current position at the MCL. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Allegheny College and has completed her Certificate of Public Librarianship. Fun Fact: Jennifer was a balloon captain in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Emily Bellows, Communications & Patron Experience Specialist | (802) 549-4572

Emily’s lifelong journey and dedication to reading and studying literature have joyfully landed her among the stacks of the MCL. From Rhode Island to Vermont, Central New York, Las Vegas, and back to Vermont again, libraries have always been a centerpiece in her adventures. She joins the MCL family eager to share kindness, encourage questions, and create stories with every patron. On her days off, you can find Emily perusing used bookstores, on a secluded hiking trail, playing board games all up and down the state, or maybe at home, covered in garden dirt and surrounded by cats.

Vera Bravo Vivar, Patron Experience Specialist | (802) 549-4573

Besides being a mom of two children, daughter Elvira and son Joseph, and grandmother to Sofia, Vera is very interested in exploring the legal aspects of life. She is particularly interested in studying international law in the field of entrepreneurship. In her free time she likes to play chess and read classical literature. She also really likes to travel with her family to different countries, Sweden, Finland and so on. Working in the library for Vera is the study of cultures and trends in foreign literature and painting.

Daniel Gostelow, Advancement Associate | (802) 549-4578

A fan of libraries and transformative community spaces, Daniel uses his background in prospect research and administration to assist the advancement team at Manchester Community Library. Prior to his role at MCL, Daniel performed part time grants and donor research for domestic and international nonprofit organizations.

Daniel has an extensive background in music and music education. He earned his PhD in Music Composition from University at Buffalo, where he taught undergraduate students for seven years as an instructor and Visiting Assistant Professor. He has also worked with children, and taught music lessons to kids aged 5-12 at Buffalo Community Music School. In his spare time he enjoys piano playing, reading, and exploring the beauty of the Southwestern Vermont region.

Carrie Gutbier, Collections Development Librarian | (802) 549-4580

Carrie developed a passion for children’s literature as an undergraduate student and further honed that passion during graduate school, where she was able to curate her studies using children’s literature as the lense to move through her program. She has shared that passion as a preschool and classroom teacher and librarian. She joins the MCL staff following five years as a Youth Services Librarian at Bennington Free Library.

Carrie holds a B.S. in Education from Northeastern University and a M.A. in Liberal Studies from Skidmore College and a Vermont Certificate of Public Librarianship. A life-long resident of the area, she has a keen sense of the community and is excited to bring her passions and experience with children and families to the MCL community. Outside of work, she spends her time in a flurry of activities including skiing, biking, and running and–of course–reading! Committed to giving back to the community where she lives, she is a Board member at Arlington Rescue Squad as well as a volunteer EMT with the organization. She lives with her husband and daughter in Arlington.

Emet Koffman, Patron Experience Specialist | (802) 549-4573

Each Saturday of Emet’s childhood was spent on a family excursion to the Mark Skinner Library. It was a journey filled with two miles of walking, often hot chocolate, and magic – because she got to be surrounded by books. Her love for libraries only grew as she studied the environment and community development at the University of Vermont. Where before she thought of libraries as a fantastical means of escape, she began to realize what a powerful tool they could be for bringing people together and building community. The past couple of years she has been working as an environmental educator, but upon moving back to Manchester she decided that it was time for a new journey back to her roots.

Emet loves reading fantasy books, working on her garden, and continuously learning new forms of art.

Robin Hood, Tiny Dog

Robin Hood got his start at the MCL in 2022 and has enthusiastically taken up the roles of Library Greeter and Staff Morale Specialist. Early visitors to the MCL might encounter Robin on his morning zoomies through the Library, and evening visitors might catch a glimpse of him as he helps to tidy the cafe floor before going home for the day.

Carson Schafer, Children & Youth Services Librarian | (802) 549-4576

Carson has a B.A. in Communication from the College of Charleston and is currently working on a Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of South Carolina. During free time, Carson takes orders from their cat, Athena, reads middle grade fiction, and wanders the hiking trails.    

Carson is a lifelong lover of reading, play, and curiosity. They spent the last decade teaching children from South Carolina to the Balkans to North Africa and back again. Now they are eager to get to know the MCL community’s families. Professional specialties include silly dances and cardboard swords. 


Ed Surjan, Executive Director | (802) 549-4575

Beginning with weekly visits as a child with his parents to the public library, Ed Surjan has had deep connections with libraries throughout his life. Following an entrepreneurial career in computer and technology businesses, in 2010, Ed made his love of reading and libraries his career. First, at Berkshire School in Sheffield, MA, and for eight years at The Frederick Gunn School in Washington, CT, Ed has brought a fully engaged, inclusive, and immersive approach to working with high school students, parents, families, and teachers. As MCL Executive Director since 2022, Ed utilizes his combined entrepreneurial and library experience to serve our community and region.

A lifelong learner, Ed has earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Chicago and an MS in Library and Information Science from Syracuse University. He can frequently be found outdoors, running, hiking, and snowshoeing. He and his wife, BJ, enjoy exploring Vermont in the company of their trusty Labrador, Jack.

Paige Vignola, Assistant Director, Education & Community Engagement | (802) 549-4574

An educator by training and disposition, Paige has spent her life in pursuit of knowledge and adventure, living and learning around the world. She earned her masters in English literature from the University College of Dublin and her master’s in medieval studies from the University of Toronto. Paige’s unbridled passion for literature and history led her to the classroom. Working with high schoolers of varying backgrounds, Paige developed a deep interest in community outreach and engagement. Paige’s role at the MCL perfectly combines her many passions. Fun Fact: a mother of two, Paige has a terrible addiction to dad jokes.